America's Most Haunted Hotel

By Kris M

America's Most Haunted Hotel

When Marty and Eilse Roenigk purchased the Crescent Hotel in 1997, they weren’t too sure what they were getting into. The hotel has been notoriously haunted and proven to have a few resident ghosts staying at the hotel. Ghosthunters and other paranormal groups have collected enough evidence to prove something otherworldly is happening inside of there. The couple inherited a host of spirits and paranormal activity that they quickly grew very interested in. While previous owners attempted to hide the ghostly encounters, Marty and Elise took great pride in their new friends and turned the hauntingly beautiful structure into America’s most haunted hotel. 

The Crescent Hotel was built in 1886 and is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Guests have reported numerous ghosts that all have a story to tell, including a cat named Morris. An Irish stonemason, Michael, who fell to his death while building the hotel seems to pop up in the area where he died. Theodora, a cancer patient of the infamous Dr. Baker seems to wander the halls looking for her room. The most unsettling of tragedies can be blamed on Dr. Baker himself. The crazed doctor turned the hospital into a cancer treatment center and claimed he could cure even the the most fatal types of the disease. He quickly gained a sinister reputation for his experimental and fatal treatments. Families of the deceased eventually caught onto his madness and took him to court.

Dr. Baker was finally sentenced after years of torturing his ill patients. He didn’t seem to have much remorse for his unnerving experiments and even commented, “If I could keep my radio station open, I would make a million dollars out of the suckers of the states.”

He was found to be delusional by the jail’s psychiatrist. If only the patients knew about his insanity, maybe they would have survived their sickness.

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