Death at Holy Land Theme Park

By Kris M

Death at Holy Land Theme Park

For such a sacred space, the death of a young girl in 2010 stunned the Catholic community. A staunch Roman Catholic had a vision of a roadside theme park devoted to God but met his death before the park could be completed. John Baptist Greco began construction of the theme park in Waterbury, Connecticut in the 1970's. A decade later, he had a miniature replica of Bethlehem. His creations attracted 50,000 people a year to get a glimpse of the like-life Garden of Eden, biblical themed dioramas and various depictions dedicated to the life of Jesus. Greco had high hopes to expand the park but as quickly as the park closed to continue construction, he passed away.

Holy Land has sat empty and abandoned since the original owner’s passing. The park was passed along to a group of nuns who kept the park clean but never opened it to the public. If a vast abandoned amusement park isn’t eerie enough, perhaps the murder that took place there 25 years later will scare you away. In 2010, a young woman was murdered inside the park, leaving it far from being the safe haven of a replica spirituality that it once was. Since the murder, the park has been sold. The new owners have added extra security and numerous no trespassing signs on the grounds in hopes of scaring explorers away.

But the ghost of the young murdered woman isn’t the only one haunting the park. Locals have reported seeing a woman getting into a phantom car and disappearing into the night air at the entrance of the front gate dating back to 1984. Many paranormal groups have investigated the grounds, some experiencing a feeling of peacefulness and others claiming they experienced unexplainable battery drainage with their equipment. Locals advise those interested in exploring the property to stay away, stating there isn’t enough left to justify the trip and risk getting caught. Not to mention, those who have visited say the neighborhood is questionable. Regardless of the dangers and risks involved, urban explorers and paranormal investigators flock to the abandoned Holy Land theme park anyway. 

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