Denver Airport's Dirty Secrets

By Kris M

Denver Airport's Dirty Secrets

Denver International Airport appears to be like every other modern airport. Dig a little deeper, literally, and you will find 8 stories of buried buildings sitting right under your nose. The claims and observations about Denver’s airport are numerous. Conspiracy theorists argue that Denver already had an exceptional airport and construction of new buildings to later be buried due to ‘poor construction’ just doesn’t add up. Five mysterious buildings were built and then buried underground. Why not demolished? Many workers of the airport refuse to answer what they do. Barb wire fences guard the perimeter with the barbed wire angled upward, to keep people in, like a prison, not out like other airports. An ariel shot of the runways reveal the shape of a Nazi swastika. There’s no doubt our government is up to something on these grounds. Back in 2007, 14 commercial aircrafts reported spontaneously shattered windshields as the presumed result of electromagnetic pulses.

The airport is notorious for its 32-foot statue of a giant horse with fiery glowing eyes. The red-eyed statue crushed its sculptor to death when it fell on him, severing an artery. Take a trip inside and pay close attention to detail. You will find a plethora of creepy and unusual art and decor that people believe to be evil. Like, a devil jumping out of a suitcase and a statue of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death. Many controversial murals have now been removed. Some of these removed pieces include a Nazi officer in a gas mask, children in front of a burning building and kids gathered around a knife. The walls of this never-ending airport are seemingly littered with phallic symbols to inspire devil worship.

Many conspiracists claim that the airport is hiding underground tunnels and secret bunkers meant to house world leaders in case of a wild disaster. Others believe the airport is under the control of the Freemasons and the New World Order. There’s also talk of the reptilian race living in huge underground cities beneath the airport. Could our government be communicating with an alien race? Perhaps, they’re working together for a new world order. I wonder what's on their agenda!




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