Devil’s Highway, Highway 666

By Kris M

Devil’s Highway, Highway 666

An endless stretch of road is responsible for many disappearances and unnerving events in the beautiful southwest desert. Highway 666 is one of America’s more infamous roads, stretching on approximately 200 miles starting in Monticello, Utah and extending out to Gallup, New Mexico. You can even catch a small glimpse cutting through the southern border of Colorado. I’ve watched countless stories about the Devil’s Highway and I must say, even from behind my TV I can feel just how ominous this road really is. This lonely road’s majestic beauty of western desert scenery may be captivating but don’t let this fool you. Many travelers avoid it at all costs and are confident the unusual happenings are the work of the devil himself or unearthly beings. Let’s explore the unexplained phenomenons of the ‘most haunted road in America.’

Much of the mysterious happenings take place near Gallup, New Mexico within sight of Shiprock. But if you’re eager to get out there and experience this road for yourself, searching for Highway 666 in your GSP won’t get you far. Former governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, had enough of the unusual and often tragic events and changed the name of Highway 666 to U.S. Route 491. Despite the name change, the entity of this road lives on. Many people have been killed in accidents leading locals to fear this highway enough to take alternative routes. Native Americans in the area believe the land is occupied by skin walkers, people who have the ability to shape shift into various creatures. It is believed that these shapeshifting beings will appear out of thin air to warn you not to continue down the road. If you don’t obey, you may be opening up your world to an evil shaman looking to capture your soul.

If the evil shaman isn’t lurking in the shadows, ‘Satan’s Sedan’ may take you for a ride. Many travelers have experienced a black sedan that appears to charge at them as they drive down this desolate stretch to no where. If you happen to travel on the road after dark, watch out for charging headlights in your rearview mirror. Despite driving at a high speed, you won’t be able to out run the mysterious vehicle riding your tail. Some have pulled over only to discover there was never a car charging them after all. Others witness the vehicle zipping past them and vanishing into thin air. Could there be an explanation for these unusual sightings? Are desert hallucinations to blame?

Vehicles aren’t the only things disappearing. Many individuals have perished on this haunted highway. In some cases, vehicles and personal belongings have been found but sometimes there is no trace of the missing person. There are a few accounts of people disappearing for hours or days and reappearing with no concept of time, not understanding they had been missing. The majority of the people who turn up have no memory of the events that may have taken place during their missing time. These strange disappearances have happened too many times throughout history to make me feel comfortable visiting. Something about these disappearances may be trying to tell us something. There are many UFO hotspots out in the western deserts. They may be to blame for the strange disappearances and loss of time.

What do you think is happening on Highway 666? Perhaps, it’s a blend of negative energy from those who once called that land home and feel as if we’re intruding. Or maybe, it’s the work of otherworldly beings.

Who am I kidding? I’ll definitely be venturing out there to say hi to the Devil.



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