Disturbing Tales at Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road

By Kris M.

Disturbing Tales at Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road

Tucked away in the well-to-do Long Island suburb of Huntington, New York, two roads share hundreds of years of terror filled tales and ghostly activity. A vibrant nature preserve smothers the area surrounding Mount Misery Road and neighboring Sweet Hollow Road. What’s making these ominous roads come to life despite their dreadful past and spine-chilling tales? Let’s take a peek at the history in and around the roads and listen to a few of the legends from those daring enough to venture out there. 

Locals could ramble on regarding tales of their travels through Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road. But most notorious of them all tell of an ancient psychiatric center built back in the 19th century. The hospital was hidden deep in the woods just surrounding both roads. A fire was started and every last soul inside the hospital perished. It is said that a patient burned the building down in a mental frenzy to commit suicide. The hospital was rebuilt approximately 15 years later, but something strange lingered in the air. Many occupants spoke of being able to hear the anguished cries from those who perished. Some spoke of a constant burning smell that plagued the area. However, this newly established hospital wouldn’t last. Just months later, the building burnt to the ground once more. It was decided that they would not rebuild. Reportedly, the patient who set fire to the original psychiatric center can be seen prancing around the roads, dressed in her original hospital garb.

Perhaps most disturbing of all the stories involve a slew of UFO sightings in the area. Many locals can recount surprise visits from strange ‘men in black’ asking about the night before with questions like, ‘did you see anything in the sky’, ‘did you notice anything unusual in the area?’. These mysterious men always seemed to appear out of nowhere and would only appear immediately after a sighting. They call these human-like beings ‘synthetic men.’ Most unusual about the sightings involves a Miss Jaye P. Paro, a local radio personality who spoke of physic lore and interesting phenomenons in the area. Paro may have been one of the first witnesses to speak publicly of the infamous ‘Mothman’ that has spent decades terrifying Melville’s population. You can read more about her experiences in The Mothman Prophecies, where she talks of her unnerving experience with the  “Princess Moon Owl’. Shortly after sharing her experiences on the radio, she was bombarded with phone calls to the radio station and her private home phone number. The calls consisted of distorted voices and had an eerie threat to them. Whoever it was wanted her to meet them at Mount Misery Road immediately. Needless to say, Paro stayed put and far, far away from the road and stopped speaking of her UFO sightings. But a strange winged being hasn’t been the only object flying in these skies! Many locals can recount seeing moving objects far up in the night sky, hovering, following them and watching their every move! 

Many of these stories go hand and hand with nearby Sweet Hollow Road. Some travelers speak of being pulled over by a cop only to notice that the back of his skull is missing when he walks back to his car. Others are drawn to ‘Mary’s’ Grave residing on Sweet Hollow Road, an unknown female grave. There are many legends floating around about Mary and who she really was. Stories include her falling victim to a tragic accident or being accused of witchcraft centuries ago and being sentenced to death. Or perhaps, she was the infamous Mary from nearby King’s Psychiatric Center who committed a crime too gruesome to tell. Maybe if you go looking for Mary, you might find her and can ask her who she really is and why she was laid to rest there. 

Are these spooky tales simply playing with the minds of eager explorers or is something much more sinister taking place on this presumed cursed land? I’ll let you be the judge. Stay tuned for our investigation at Mount Misery and Sweet Hollow Road! 

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