Ghostbusters for Aliens

By Kris M

Ghostbusters for Aliens

Could some of the paranormal activity we experience have a connection to extra-terrestrial life? There’s too many unexplained accounts of strange phenomenons that it makes it difficult to decipher the difference between paranormal and cosmic communication. After all, accounts from either side usually involve the presence abruptly appearing and then slipping away quickly before we have the chance to process what just happened. Many people believe our human race descends from cosmic life that have seeded our planet with a very important agenda. Just as humans study and hunt for ghosts, there are some who dedicate their lives to investigating alien contact. But what do we call those types of people?

When you’ve seen a UFO, who are you going to call? Chuck Zukoski! A literal ghostbuster for aliens. Zukoski travels the southern borders of Colorado, Utah and Kansas investigating bizarre cattle mutilations and other similar happenings. His goal is to collect evidence and try to solve the never-ending uncertainty of life beyond Earth. His theory on animal mutilations is straight forward. He believes UFO’s are lifting the cattle into their ships to take their blood, then returning them to land. If this is true, us humans should appreciate them leaving us down below…for the most part.

While usually alone on his hunts, his weekends are eagerly enjoyed packing up the RV with his wife and kids, traveling his home state of Colorado. He has investigated over 1,000 sightings of UFO and extraterrestrial activity. He admits he never leaves for an investigation without his tactical vest and gun. I wouldn’t either!

Zukoski is a firm believer that we have a paranormal highway running through our country. From his findings, he’s certain the 37th parallel is the main corridor of UFO’s traveling through the country. Alien hotspots like Roswell and Area 51 are near this latitude. Following alien activity is not only a passion to him, but also something he feels he needs to do. Unfortunately his burning desire to investigate alien life has interfered with his personal life. in 2011, he was fired as a reserve sheriff’s deputy as a result of ‘conducting paranormal and unidentified flying object investigations into animal mutilations’ and ‘refusing from conducting paranormal and unidentified flying object investigations, which could be viewed as a conflict of interest.’ I’ve always found it strange that those in high authority have absurd regulations when it comes to speaking of alien activity. Is our government attempting to instill fear in those who share evidence of alien communication?


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