Land of Disappearances: Alaska Triangle

By Kris M

Land of Disappearances: Alaska Triangle

Get ready for a mysterious tale from the Land of the Midnight Sun. Otherwise known as Alaska, this northwestern state is sparsely populated and known for its diverse terrain of open spaces, mountains and greenery, abundant wildlife and quiet towns. Alaska boasts more unsettled wilderness than any other area of the country. Anything can happen out there and you would never know. Strange disappearances seem to be an epidemic, ranking the missing persons rate nearly twice the national average. What’s most unsettling is where the disappearances are occurring. Bodies alive or dead are rarely ever found.

The Bermuda Triangle isn’t the only area of the world where people mysteriously vanish. The Alaska Triangle covers a significant portion of the state from the Janeau/Yakutat area in the south, to the Borrow Mountain range in the north, with Anchorage to the west. Thousands of unlucky travelers have disappeared in this vast triangle of unforgiving wilderness either on foot, in boats and cars or airplanes. Most famous of the bizarre vanishings includes that of a Cessna 310 airplane carrying US House of Representatives Majority Leaders Hall Boggs, Nick Begich, their aide Russel Brown and pilot, Don Jonz. An extensive search lasted for 39 days and included over 400 aircraft and 12 US coast guard vessels. But the men or any sign of a wreckage were never discovered. Their fate still remains a mystery nearly 50 years later.

Lovers of lore have been obsessed with unlocking the mystery of the Alaska Triangle. Theories run wild from unusual heavy air and strange weather patterns to alien involvement. Scientists claim they have a much more ‘logical’ explanation for the excessive disappearances. Alaska is covered with massive holy glaciers, hidden caves and crevasses. They firmly believe the state’s geography provides the perfect hiding spot for downed aircrafts. At least, they have an explanation for the missing aircrafts. What about those who vanished at sea or were seemingly swallowed by the crisp Alaskan air driving down the many scenic highways trapped in the triangle? Perhaps, they're just telling us what we want to hear. Something doesn't add up. What is making the aircrafts fall from the sky? They left that part out. 

Beware. If you venture to Alaska, don’t let your GPS take you through the land of disappearances. Aquaint yourself with the geography of the state or you too, could strangely disappear in the Alaska Triangle. 

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