Most Haunted Home in America: Sallie House

By Kris M

Most Haunted Home in America: Sallie House

This is the story behind the most haunted house in Kanas, if not the entire country. The home on 508 North Second Street of Atchison is home to the ghost of a young girl named Sallie. Many owners have came and went but it wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that the story of Sallie finally gained both local and national attention. Tony and Debra Pickman began sharing their strange activity which included physical attacks, disembodied voices and burnt finger marks found on mysteriously burning candles.

The story of Sallie is an unfortunate one. The 6 year old girl grew ill with appendicitis and the town doctor attempted a botched surgery in the home in an effort to save her life. It is said that in the doctor’s haste he failed to properly anesthetize Sallie, causing her to wake up during surgery in agonizing pain and horror and quickly died from blood loss and shock. The young girl died in the home of doctor Charles Finney around 1906, beginning a very long road of haunted activity.

Both paranormal teams and former owners claim to have been graced by the presence of Sallie. However, they believe she is not alone. Dark shadows, unusual voices, temperature changes, equipment malfunction and physical attacks are just some of the activity reported. It is believed a middle aged woman is behind the more sinister occurrences. This agitated entity seems to zone in on the males living in the house. But even if you’re just visiting, she won’t cut you any breaks. Past investigations have caught a generous amount of evidence to prove those wrong who may be doubtful.

The Sallie House is open to the public for tours and overnight stays. Spice up your next sleepover and rent out the entire home. Maybe you too, can meet the tragic spirit of Sallie.

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