Myrtle’s Planation: A Slave’s Fatal Revenge

By Kris M

Myrtle’s Planation: A Slave’s Fatal Revenge

Restless and tormented spirits haunt the notorious Myrtle’s Plantation. If you ever find yourself in the deep south, this portal to a century plagued by hardships and sorrow is something you won’t want to miss. Those who visit say the grounds remain haunted thanks to the gruesome murders and suffering that took place there more than 150 years ago.

The house dates back to 1796, built by Revolutionary War General, David Bradford. After his passing, his daughter and husband, Clarke Woodruff took over the estate. The couple would have three children but only one would make it to see adulthood. It was during their lives on the plantation that the most famous ghost story would be born. Woodruff was known for sexually abusing the young slave girls. He favorited Chloe who was terrified his wife would find out and harshly punish her. If she didn’t obey Woodruff, she knew she would be sent to work in the blistering heat of the cotton fields. Stuck in a rut, young Chloe devised a plan. She began eavesdropping on the family’s conversations. However, Woodruff caught her listening and ordered her ear to be cut off as a punishment.

Chloe wanted revenge. One evening as the family sat down to dinner and Woodruff was away, she made sure to slip poison into the prepared meals for his wife and children. Only a short while later and just as Woodruff arrived home, his wife and two of his children were dead. In fear of their lives, the other slaves took matters into their own hands. Chloe was quickly murdered and cut up into bits and pieces and thrown into the nearby river.

In the years to follow, the planation would fall into the hands of many owners. No one seemed to want to settle or raise a family on the land. Everyone knew about the murders and it was rumored that the planation was built on top of an ancient Native American Burial ground. During the time the plantation was in operation, there was an unbearable amount of Yellow Fever outbreaks, causing many deaths in and around the area. In the 1970’s, a family purchased the property and transformed its grime past into a quaint bed and breakfast. But from the very beginning, guests would begin reporting strange sightings and hearing creepy sounds and voices. The guests were convinced Chloe’s spirit still haunted the land and it was her ghostly apparition that was appearing throughout the old plantation.

Should you be daring enough to spend the night at Myrtle’s Planation, be sure to rent one of the cabins spread out among the fields that once homed the tortured slaves. I’m sure Chloe and the Woodruff’s aren’t the only ones to have passed here.

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