Overnight at Wildwood Sanitarium

By Kris M

Overnight at Wildwood Sanitarium

 A home for the ill and disabled and possibly one of the most ethical treatment centers of its time, Wildwood Sanitarium housed up to 14 patients at a time and did not discriminate. The facility specialized in Osteopathy but also welcomed in patients seeking a cure for alcoholism and drug addiction, with the exception of infectious diseases. With the outbreak of tuberculosis in 1923, the sanitarium turned its holistic healing center into a hospital. You can only imagine how many people came and have gone, suffered and survived. The energy that still lingers in this place is strong. The sanitarium was recently bought by a kind family with a sincere love for the paranormal. They have set out on a project to fully renovate the property, carefully paying close attention to its haunted history. The family plans on furnishing the rooms and repairing the broken pieces with relics and materials from the home’s early 19th century time.

Our group had full access to the old sanitarium. We eagerly set up our ghost hunting gear and began investigating around 8PM. We placed our Rem Pod in Linda’s room, a middle aged woman who entered and died in the sanitarium from severe burn wounds on her legs. She is a pleasant soul with a strong maternal love for children. She has graciously accepted the antique dolls placed throughout the room by the new owners. Upon asking questions, the Rem Pod would respond. We spent a good amount of time in this room getting to know this gentle spirit. In case you're unfamiliar with how a Rem Pod works, it detects energy disturbances and fluctuations near it and will alert you of such changes through colored lights and audible high pitched tones.

We received a great response from Tommy’s room, the little boy whose spirit is trapped behind the walls of his old bedroom. His story is vague but what we did come to learn about Tommy was that he’s still a typical child with a love for his toys and companionship. I felt especially drawn to Tommy and felt his presence throughout much of our investigation. During a spirit box session at a seance table just outside of Tommy’s room, I saw a small shadow peering from around the hallway door, as if curious of our acitivty.

Take a trip up to the third floor and your breathing may start to race. You may feel like its hard to breathe or you can’t breathe at all. This could be due to the tuberculosis crisis, where the sickest patients were kept on the highest level on the house. We encountered an angry old man in one of the bedrooms who was upset with us for invading his space. I was touched multiple times in this room, experiencing spider web like sensations on my face and hands.

Perhaps most fascinating of all was the use of the SLS camera. This camera has the ability to pick up our human bodies and track them in great detail. It projects a grid and senses a disturbance within it to map out the energy. The projections will usually resemble stick figure like bodies. However, non-human spirits tend to come in all different shapes and sizes. Good thing we didn't run into any of those! 

Over the years, the sanitarium has been known for high paranormal activity. Many families have lived in the home after the hospital closed but did not stay. People have reported seeing shadow figures, orbs, hearing disembodied voices and have claimed to be touched or pushed. Although the most intense energy we experienced that night was that of the sick and upset old man, we were lucky to not touch base with any malevolent entities. For days leading after the investigation, I did experience an increase of paranormal activity in my home. After a wholesome smudge session, the unusual activity dissipated and I was back to my home’s familiar spirit energy. 

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