Ride the Cosmic Highway to the UFO Watchtower

By Kris M

Ride the Cosmic Highway to the UFO Watchtower

How cool! That’s an alien cowboy riding a galaxy like a horse. Isn’t that the best roadside billboard in all of Colorado? Colorado is no stranger to our cosmic neighbors. If you’re seeking an out of this world adventure, why not take a drive down the Cosmic Highway of America and make a stop at the UFO Watchtower in Hooper. Just off Highway 17, a long stretch of road runs through the San Luis Valley, buzzing with extraterrestrial activity. This cosmic highway is said to have more UFO sightings than anywhere else in the country. Perfect spot to build a UFO watchtower, right? The dome-shaped construction features a 10-foot high observation deck, surrounded by a healing garden with trinkets supposedly left behind by visitors from a parallel universe. Physics flock to this area and have all agreed there are two vortexes in front of the tower, acting as gateways from our world to another. 

Colorado’s cosmic highway has a abundant history. Locals have been reporting unusual sightings and lights in the sky, alien abductions and strange findings dating back to the 1950’s. These strange phenomenons inspired local cattle rancher, Judy Messoline, to build the watchtower. For over a decade, the tower has attracted extraterrestrial enthusiasts from all around the world. The watchtower opens in May each year. Special arrangements for nightly visits can be made with the option to camp under the our celestial neighbors. It is said the most active viewing times are between 11pm and 3am. Would you spend a night camping under a sky swarming with alien activity? What a dream that would be!

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