Sit With Satan on the Devil’s Chair

By Kris M

Sit With Satan on the Devil’s Chair

Could this chair really belong to Satan himself? Bringing you yet another infamous graveyard of Florida, the grave located in Lake Helen Cassadaga Cemetery supposedly marks the resting place of ‘El Diablo’ or whatever you’d like to call him. Legend has it, if you sit on the archaic brick chair at midnight, the devil will join you.

But what makes this chair so special? Many cemeteries have memorial chairs scattered throughout them. It is said that this particular chair was built for an elderly man to sit and visit with his wife. However, local folklore has twisted up more sinister ideas. Locals and paranormal investigators flock to the cemetery daily for a chance to meet the negative entity attached to the chair. People report encountering shadow people lurking around the sight and ghost hunters have caught numerous creepy EVPs. The G Team Paranormal recorded a session at the chair and caught some interesting voices coming through their spirit box. Trust me, this team is the real deal!

You can check out Patty and Marie at the Devil’s Chair from G Team Paranormal here

By the way, if you leave a bottle of beer on the chair it will be empty by morning. Sometimes the bottle remains unopened but the beer inside is gone...

That's one thirsty devil! 

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