The Black Bird Creature of Chernobyl

By Kris M

The Black Bird Creature of Chernobyl

Much of the world is familiar with the infamous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explosion. The town was forced to leave their lives behind in a frantic scurry to escape the harmful environment that they called home. Beginning in early April 1986, people around the area began experiencing a series of strange sightings of a large, dark, and headless man with giant wings and flaming red eyes. The sightings were followed by haunting nightmares, threatening phone calls and encounters with the devilish beast himself.

The ‘Mothman’ has been spotted throughout many areas of the world. Often times, a catastrophic event followed these sightings. In late April of 1986, the nuclear power plan suffered from a cataclysmic steam explosion. Interestingly, this tragic event struck directly after the sighting of the winged beast, almost as if the creature was an omen of what was to come. When the emergency crew arrived, many reported seeing a large, dark winged figure rising above the flames. Over 500 witnesses have come forward over the years to share what they had scene.

The Mothman is known to be an omen for death and disaster. One of its most notorious sightings occurred in the old West Virginia Ordinance in an area known as the ‘TNT Area’. The facility was used during WWI to manufacture ammunition and dynamite. Mainly a large wooded area, it also contained large concrete trenches built into the mountains that held TNT. Much of the area consisted of underground maze tunnels with random loads of gunpowder. Needless to say, this place was a destruction waiting to happen. The area was left abandoned after the war with all of its contents, becoming an environmental disaster by 1983. Many sightings have made headlines in the area surrounding the TNT base stirring up an unsettling reputation. In 2010, the underground shelters that housed the 20,0000 pounds of unstable materials suddenly exploding. As with the Chernobyl explosion, witnesses claim to have encountered a winged beast in the skies right before the disaster.

Some believe the Mothman to be an angel warning the living. Others believe it to be a demon or a curse. We may never know for sure but one thing is certain. Devilish red glowing eyes and gigantic black wings hovering over a blaze of uncontrollable fire does not sit well with me.

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