The Clown Motel

By Kris M

The Clown Motel

Ever think your worst nightmare could actually be true? Well, if you’re deeply unnerved by clowns, you may be slightly terrified after reading this one. Deep in the dry terrain of Nevada’s desert sits a motel dedicated to, you guessed it…clowns. The Clown Motel located in Tonopah is a favorite pit stop for truckers and bikers but most of all paranormal lovers. Upon arrival, you’ll be met with a colorful glowing neon sign with its name in giant block lettering and showcasing a massive grinning clown with open arms, to welcome you of course. Once you enter the lobby, the clown show begins. Owners of the motel have collected donations from those eager to find these haunted clown dolls a home. People from all over the world have sent hundreds of haunted clowns to the motel, providing enough dolls for each room and plenty to fill up the lobby.

Though the haunted dolls are sure to bring a world of paranormal sightings and events, the motel sits atop an old mining town that was once populated by more than 50,000 residents. What I find most disturbing is the massive cemetery that sits just behind the motel. It closed only 10 years after its opening when the number of the dead outnumbered the plots the cemetery could offer. The cemetery is home to 300 deceased whose lives were either compromised during the Tonopah Plague which devastated the area is 1902 or from the fatal mine fires throughout the area.

Those who are brave enough to sleep with the spirit ridden clown dolls have claimed to experience all sorts of ghostly encounters. Some report doors slamming or opening, room keys vanishing, unusual sounds and voices and even dark shadow people, which is a sign of a not so friendly spirit. Paranormal investigators and urban explorers have had quite a blast visiting the motel claiming it’s rich with paranormal activity.

Current owner, Bob Perchetti, is looking to sell the Clown Motel. But why would anyone want to sell such a legendary place? Perchetti says he had his fair share of enjoyment from his clowns and is ready to pass on the fun to a new owner. The motel’s asking price is currently set at $900,000 but comes with one condition. The buyer is required to keep the place open as the Clown Motel. His hopes are the new owners will love the place as much as he did and continue to expand on it.

Would you spend the night in a motel full of clowns? One guest shared his only concern about his stay…

“The only trouble are the voices. ‘They won’t stop whispering. They want me…they want me to do things. Terrible things.”

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