The Deadly Cellar Of Allen County

By Kris M

The Deadly Cellar Of Allen County

Not much remains of the deadly cellar of Allen County, KY. Just before the Civil War, stood a home occupied by a married couple and their 15 slaves. As with many slaves of the deep south, the 15 slaves were savagely beaten and punished whenever the owners decided. The husband was known for bringing his helpless slaves to the cellar of his home, chaining them up and beating them. Often times he'd leave them down there for days, starving and emaciated. 

When the war rolled into town, 13 lucky slaves escaped. But there were 2 unfortunate souls left chained in the basement. When the crazed owner discovered his missing slaves, he violently murdered the two that remained. He concealed the bodies in the cellar and locked it up for good...or so he thought.

After his death, his wife sold the property to a young couple and their children. On one fatal night, the couple awoke to noises coming from beneath their house. The husband broke through the barricaded cellar door and hurried down to investigate. He never returned. When his wife went looking for him, she found him at the bottom of the staircase, dead, with a broken neck. Distraught by the death of her husband, she packed up her children and moved away. All that's left of the home is the fateful cellar where the ghosts of two anguished slaves took their revenge out on an innocent man. Those who have successfully located the cellar claim the smells and sounds of death still linger. 

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