The Demon Wedding Photo

By Kris M

The Demon Wedding Photo

Have you ever been photobombed by a demon? Joe Martinez has. An eerie photograph surfaced after his in-law’s 50th wedding celebration featuring Martinez, his wife and an unwanted guest. Just above Joe Martinez’s right shoulder, the head of a dog-like creature can be seen standing behind him. Oddly enough, the creepy creature wasn’t spotted during the celebration. It wasn’t until after the film was developed that the family noticed the devilish head and snout of a this unusual being.

Martinez’s wife remarked, “I really thought it was Satan. Man, you’re really walking with Satan.”

Numerous photo experts have analyzed the photo over the years, including long-time expert John Davenport. There was no doubt in his mind that the photo was authentic. Despite knowing the real truth behind the unexplained image, Martinez claims it changed his life for the better. He had been a long-time drug user and his potential run in with the devil encouraged him to quit drugs and stay clean. Martinez keeps this photograph in his wallet at all times as a reminder of a life he wishes to stay far away from.

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