“The Hands Resist Him": The Living Painting

By Kris M

“The Hands Resist Him

A strange painting surfaced on eBay, disturbing those who came across it. Owners of the painting warned that it was possessed and would terrify their four-year old daughter, declaring it was not for the 'faint of heart,' or those 'unfamiliar with supernatural events'. One night, the family finally had enough and set up a motion sensing camera and what they witnessed was truly alarming. They claim they caught the boy in the picture leaving the frame and coming into their room. They also reported the hands changing position from time to time. The painting gained a sinister reputation when many people began reporting that just looking at it made them feel ill or unsettled.  

Creator of the painting, William Stoneham, painted the small child and doll in 1974. It was put on display at the Feingarten Gallery in Beverly Hills and soon after purchased by actor, John Marley. Just a short while after, Marley died and the painting mysteriously disappeared, not surfacing again until 2000. The eBay sellers are unsure of how they came to own the haunted painting and eagerly sold it to a buyer for $1,025. 

Stoneham has since commissioned more paintings, creating a series of sequels. Interestingly, the most recent one called, 'The Hands Invent Him," tell the story from the other side of the glass door. The artist has since explained the message behind his painting and it seems pretty normal. He was adopted and the hands represent other lives. The glass door is a barrier between worlds and the doll is his guide between those worlds. But what could be possessing the boy and his doll? The latest owner has no plans of removing it from storage or selling it for the very tempting offers he has received from paranormal enthusiasts. 

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