The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road

By Kris M

The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road

Many urban legends surround this bridge and tell of quite sinister tales. Located in Liberty Township in Ohio, the Screaming Bridge has been spooking locals since the 1870’s. The bridge has a reputation of death and pure sorrow. Those who have visited claim to hear the scream of the sorry souls who met their demise beneath the lonely bridge.

One of the earliest tragedies linked to the bridge involved a railroad accident in which two men were burned alive when the train exploded. But the ‘Screaming Bridge’ could possibly derive from one of the other tragic events that occurred in the area. One story tells of an arguing couple crossing the bridge in which the woman was pushed to he death. Another tells of a couple whose car broke down. The guy went for help and when he returned discovered a horrendous scene. His girlfriend was dead, hanging beneath the bridge. Reports of phantom trains or engineers on the tracks below are the most popular rumors about the bridge. A 1909 accident killed two engineers and injured three others aboard the train. Another tragedy struck in 1976 when a Penn Centeral employee was killed when a train penetrated the part of the train he was working on.

Due to the many deaths in and around the area involving train and railroad accidents, there’s a good chance that these rumors will come alive if you visit.

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